Interview: New "Pot Farm" Facebook Game Promotes Organic Growth

Pot Farm is a Facebook game where you grow special ‘herbs’, and its been catching my eye more and more lately as it virally spreads among my friends’ news feeds, especially among friends from California and Vancouver. Now at nearly 500,000 MAU, the game’s premise, great production value and humor give it a naturally viral appeal, and players are responding and sharing it as much as they can. I had a chance to ask a few questions to the Pot Farm team, and let’s just say their answers are as quirky as their game.

I got in touch with the fellows behind Pot Farm a few weeks ago through a shared acquaintance, and they pointed me to “Uncle Floyd”, their PR person. He kindly answered my questions and introduced the game, and don’t let his somewhat ‘laid back’ manner of speaking fool you: there are some great insights into social games here. “Uncle Floyd” and his team definitely know what people want, and their game is flourishing. Check out the interview below.

ST: Hi, Uncle Floyd.

Uncle Floyd: Hey man, it’s your Uncle Floyd. Me and Dave and a couple of small woodland animals made this really cool game on Facebook or something. It’s called POT FARM and in it you can like farm pots and stuff. If you’re on Facebook or whatever you can totally check it out at Pot Farm for Facebook. I got this twitter thing going for updates and stuff man, and you can also keep an eye on Ranger Dick…. let me know if you see him coming man, he’s totally after my plants…

ST: Tell us about Pot Farm and the inspiration to create the game.

UF: In pot farm you can grow, like plants and things and make your own groovy homestead out in the woods, man. It’s really beautiful. Only thing is you have to look out for RANGER DICK. I don’t know what his problem is, but there’s some plants that totally freak him out. The dude is really uptight and needs to RELAX. Wow.

Back in the 60’s, I went off the grid for a while to grow weed with my groovy friends, Phineas, Franklin, and Fat Freddy. One day I was talking to Dave and he said “We should make a game about that!” We were watching this explosion of like, social media or whatever and Dave was like, “it’s a revolution, man, this is like the sixties!”. There’s all these games and it’s really groovy because it seems like anyone can make them. So we thought if anyone can make them why not a couple of old hippies?

ST: The game leverages the tried-and-true farming mechanic. What separates the game from other farming games?

UF: Well, if you look at other games they just don’t have as much personality, man. Sure, you can grow some groovy plants in our game that you can’t grow in other games, but we think what really sets us apart is the cool art and characters. Our game really has a heart, and we take a lot of pride in it, man.

We also have this protection mechanic that’s different than the usual withering mechanic. In Pot Farm your crops never die, but if you grow certain plants without making sure they’re protected, you might get busted by Ranger Dick! This lets players choose how much risk they want to take on; if they buy enough protection, they never have to worry about that mean old Dick. Groovy, man.

ST: You’re around 500,000 MAU. What has led to the fast growth? Are you buying installs?