Interview: New RockYou CEO Lisa Marino Talks Social Gaming, Advertising and Mobile

Established social app developer RockYou has been going through a variety of changes in the last few years, adding on an advertising network and most recently refocusing on social gaming. It has also launched a mobile gaming initiative in Asia, and plans to add mobile to its main business as well.

The company has just named a new chief executive, moving long-time revenue exec Lisa Marino into the top spot — she’s leading the company into its next phase. We have a full interview with her over on Inside Social Games, which you should check out for more detail. We’ve excerpted the section on RockYou’s mobile plans, below.

Inside Social Games: You also have RockYou Asia, and cofounder Jia Shen is heading it up — how is that organization fitting in with everything else you’re doing?

Lisa Marino: RockYou Asia is majority-owned subsidiary. We launched it a couple years ago. We’re excited about what Jia is working on. RockYou Asia is focused on mobile, particularly in Japan but Asia more broadly as well. Jia and his team are a main part of RY family. He and I connect regularly as to what’s going on, although they’re independent. We have supported it with funding, coordinating around image, marketing, and brand presence.

There’s a fair amount of cross-pollination. but we’re much more Facebook focused, while they’re much more mobile.

We’re looking forward to next the few months, as he gets more launches under his belt, and as he and the rest of us learn more about what works in Asia.

ISG: How are you looking at mobile within the main RockYou business?

LM: We don’t think social gaming is defined just as Facebook any longer. For anyone, mobile needs to be part of the business. I think that within 12 to 18 months, there’ll be one or two more venues — platforms that we can be on as well.

During Q2 we will flesh out our mobile strategy but honestly, my number one goal is to continue growing and expanding our Facebook presence. We’ve done a lot in last 60 days in terms of rising through rankings. On the MAU side. before we were 14 or 18. We’re number seven in MAU and are about 4 million away from the number four spot on game launches.

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