Introducing AppData Watch Lists

This week, we’ve just released a new feature for AppData Pro, our data service tracking app and developer growth on social platforms.

AppData Watch Lists allow developers to simplify several key steps in the process of analyzing performance by app and across categories.

More details on AppData Watch Lists:

  • Automate app monitoring. Creating a Watch List enables you to cut out repetitive navigation or searches for apps or groups of apps that are most important to your research. Set up a Watch List to automatically track your chosen set of apps every day.
  • Uncover new insights with the comparative view. Watch Lists make it possible to categorically survey, compare and analyze apps that you’ve grouped into a single meaningful list. A Watch List tracks that set of apps daily, aggregating and presenting key comparative stats across time.
  • At-a-glance daily and weekly changes in MAU and DAU. Your Watch List gives you a quick view of change across key metrics for all apps in the list.

There are a number of ways to use Watch Lists. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Watch List by genre. Keep an eye on all “social RPG” genre apps
  • Watch List by developer. Be the first to know about changes across key apps for peers and competitors
  • Watch List of emerging apps. See small changes in aggregate and track emerging apps that others haven’t yet noticed
  • Watch List apps by language. Track growth in specific language apps and be the first to spot language market opportunities

Watch Lists is a feature available through AppData Pro. Take the tour to learn more about Pro.

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