Investigative Reporter John Dougherty Wants To Take On John McCain

Investigative reporter John Dougherty has made the change from reporting on John McCain and other political figures to running against him for his Senate seat.

Among Dougherty’s work are several in-depth looks into Sen. McCain’s role in the Keating Five scandal. In fact, Dougherty broke the story while working for the Dayton Daily News. He has also reported on the role Cindy McCain’s Anheuser-Busch family fortune had in funding her husband’s political career, and covered McCain’s 2008 presidential run.

Suffice to say: Dougherty knows his competition, and he knows him well.

Dougherty began his career as a reporter in the 1970sat the Washington Post‘s sports desk. He’s made a name for himself since then with his investigative pieces, delving deep into political scandals and corruption such as former Gov. Fife Symington felony convictions for fraud. For his work, Dougherty has twice been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by his editors at the Phoenix New Times.

Dougherty is currently in the process of trying to muster up enough signatures to have his name on the ballot

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