iOS Hit Baseball Superstars Takes the Field on Facebook

After receiving critical acclaim in its iOS iteration, Gamevil’s baseball simulation, Baseball Superstars, has arrived on Facebook. Launched earlier this month, Baseball Superstars: The League brings with it several social gaming modifications to what’s considered one of the best mobile sports titles available.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Baseball Superstars: The League currently has 9,554 monthly active users and 4,837 daily active users.

Baseball Superstars: The League simulates the sport of baseball as well as the team management behind it. That being the case, players have a home screen where they can build a number of businesses and training locations in order to grow and improve their franchise. After creating a team — which includes choosing a name, logo, and uniform — the ability to change player names and positions is also opened up. Performing these actions are actually tied into tasks the game presents; completing these rewards players with money and experience points. Money comes in from merchandise shops, which produce income at varying intervals. Training buildings actually improve individual players’ stats, rather than simply awarding money or XP. The game’s soft currency can be used to purchase more buildings, plus items and even special substitute players to help out during games.

Playing games and training require a certain amount of hearts, which can be replenished over time or by purchasing more. When it comes to playing a game of baseball, there are a few options, including play against friends, player against other players, and a home run derby. A tournament option is planned, but not yet live in the game. Players can choose to play a game directly, controlling their players at bat and in the field for every inning, out and at-bat, or they can choose to play only a portion of the game — or simulate its outcome entirely. While playing, players also have the option to simulate the game at any time. Batting and pitching are quite simple, with the former allowing players to swing or bunt, and the latter offering options to pitch sliders, change ups, curve balls and fast balls. Fielding is handled with the keyboard’s arrow keys. The game’s characters are nicely animated and the gameplay itself is comparable to the iOS title, which is itself console-like.

In addition to inviting friends and sharing accomplishments via viral channels, the game’s social features include asynchronous competition with friends and other users for rewards. A challenged team doesn’t actually win or lose anything as a result of multiplayer match. Only the player initiating a match stands to gain any rewards.

Monetization comes via players using Facebook Credits for everything from special buildings and items to replenishing hearts and buying power-ups. The game uses Facebook Credits directly for payment and there’s a good balance between items that can only be purchased using them versus those that can be purchased using the soft currency, coins.

As it has just recently launched, the game has a small user base, but seems to be growing its number of players steadily. Gamevil is already applying updates behind the scenes, as we experienced during our time with the title.

You can follow Baseball Superstars: The League’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.

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