iPad 3G Arrives

Today is another iPad event day as the iPad 3G + Wi-Fi model started selling in Apple and Best Buy stores at 5 PM local time. People who pre-ordered their iPads at the Apple on-line store also received their iPads today. Unfortunately, my iPad is not in that first set of orders, but I did receive my shipping notice so that I will finally have my own iPad early next week.

Some interesting information is appearing on various web sites from those who now have the 3G iPads:

TUAW reports that every iPad 3G is assigned a phone number even though there is no phone in the device. Apparently when you call the number you hear a recording saying that the person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.

– Skype does not work over 3G.

Engadget says the ABC application does not play over 3G and iTunes store previews and Netflix streams are downsampled over the 3G network.

Gizmodo did some speed testing on the 3G network with the iPad and found its data transfer speeds to be comparable to the iPhone 3GS. Apparently you also need to create a new account when setting up the 3G service as opposed to using a .Mac account.

– Yesterday I wrote about the iPad 3G’s GPS capability and that I don’t understand why someone would use the iPad to navigate in a car. Gizmodo has a video of a car mount for the iPad, and again I say it doesn’t make sense to me to mount the iPad in a car.