iPad 3G Road Tested

The iPad 3G is officially out in the world, bringing the US iPad launch, finally, to a close. So no more unboxing vids. For the next couple months at least, the iPad coverage will probably consist mostly of app reviews. But, before we move on, we thought we’d point you to Gizmodo’s test of the iPad 3G’s internet speed over AT&T’s 3G network.

Basically, Gizmodo notes that the iPad 3G runs the Web as fast as the iPhone 3GS, but that it feels a little odd to have it go sorta slow, given how nice the screen looks and how fast the processor is. Anyone who’s already toyed with a WiFi iPad knows it’s fast.

As far as the eReader functionality goes, it’s the same deal, except with the 3G you have the great advantage of enlarging your eBook library wherever you happen to be. It’s, um, like a Kindle, but with all the features of an iPad, because it is one.

[Photo from Gizmodo]