iPad Camera Connection Kit Works with USB Headsets & Keyboards – Can USB Webcam Support be Far Behind?

The only iPad accessory from Apple that I didn’t pre-order was the Camera Connection Kit. I didn’t pre-order because it wasn’t available for pre-order along with the iPad and its other accessories. I neglected to order it when it became available at the online Apple Store. After reading that people were getting their Camera Connection Kit delivered last week, I went to the local Apple Store this past weekend only to find that it was not available there. I was even more disappointed not to have one to test after reading this item over on MacRumors.com:

iPad Camera Connection Kit Notes and Demo Video

It collected information from other sites describing how devices other than cameras can work with the Kit. USB headphones and keyboards work with iPad after being connected using the Kit. It can, it appears, also download photos from an iPhone connected to the iPad using the kit.

If Apple didn’t lock down the USB interface, I wonder how long it will be until we see someone write a USB web camera driver for the iPad.

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