iPad Finally Gets Wired

The June issue of Wired, iPad-style and Flash-free, is available via the Apple iTunes Store for $4.99, following some scrambling by Wired parent Condé Nast and Adobe to navigate Apple’s ban on Flash usage, paidContent reported.

Every page in the iPad edition can be viewed in portrait or landscape, and the Wired app allows users to navigate to stories directly from the cover, organizing content in vertical stacks, and not magazine-like spreads. The tablet app contains design cues throughout the issue, a drop-down table of contents, a browse view, orientation-appropriate photography, animated 360-degree images, slide shows, video, audio, and enhanced advertising from nine premium sponsors.

Condé Nast editorial director Tom Wallace told paidContent:

We’re happy with Adobe, and Adobe is extremely happy. The partnership with continue at least through the summer and probably into 2011. We’re in the early days of this, and we’re still experimenting with how users experience it.

And Wired creative director Scott Dadich told paidContent:

There is a certain physicality to a magazine that we’re trying to preserve here. The magazine is not a Web site, and the Web site isn’t an app. So when it comes to designing features for each, we’re careful to see where overlaps occur and where they wouldn’t.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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