IPad, iBooks, Amazon Kindle for iPad App: eBN First Impressions

Well, turns out unicorns are real. iPadurday has come, iPad is out, and everyone is abuzz about it. The Internet is already jammed with videos of people messing around with their iPads. We’ll spare you the tedium of information you can find elsewhere and focus on what eBookNewser does best. In this video, you’ll get a glimpse of iBooks and the Kindle app. More in the next couple of days on Vooks and other eReaders.

First, a few general impressions. iPad does indeed feel like a big iPod touch. It’s heavier than a Kindle by a lot, meaning it’s really a lot heavier than a book. To read comfortably on this thing, you’ll probably need to rest it in your lap.

The keyboard, even in landscape mode, feels small and awkward. (Hunting and pecking is your only typing option in portrait mode.) That said, as with the iPhone, one can probably get used to it.

This device seems great for reading PDFs, which, on E-Ink readers, was impossible. We’ll have more coverage coming up on whether iPad is a game changer for eGalleys.

Ok, more iPad coverage coming up, and happy iPadurday from eBookNewser.

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