iPad Launch Roundup

It’s been a crazy two days for the tech world, for publishing, and for geeks everywhere in general. If you didn’t get an iPad on Saturday, you either wanted one, started wanting one, or think the iPad is the worst idea every. And maybe you’re tired of all the iPad coverage. Well, get over it, at least in terms of this blog. We’ve got lots of apps to show you, iPad news to report, and geekery to drool over. For now, we thought we’d round up a few interesting bits of iPad coverage from our favorite Apple-related news sources.

The New Your Times live-blogged the launch.

TUAW reports that initial sales projections from analysts were in the range of 600,000-700,000 iPads this weekend. TUAW has tons of other great iPad coverage, too.

But, reports MacRumors, Apple itself announced today that it sold 300,000 iPads just on Saturday, meaning that those projections were off by a factor of two, whatever that means.

Finally, Engadget rounds up the social networking essentials for iPad.

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