iPad Madness: Two Videos

While eBookNewser has been twitching and assuming every rumble from outside is the UPS truck (no iPad yet), our sibling GalleyCat has been surveying the iPad lines, shoot some exclusive video.

Above, GalleyCat’s Jason Boog asks folks reading print books on line at the 5th Ave. Apple store what they’re reading and whether they’ll be reading eBooks on the iPad.

After the break, you’ll see another video in which GalleyCat talks to Kindle fans on line who plan to switch to the iPad. Here’s more on this video from GalleyCat: “In the video above, see why three different Kindle readers in the crowd are now switching to Apple iPads. It’s important intelligence for publishers as these readers frankly explain what they want in an eReader.”

Amazon Loses Some Customers to iPad: