iPad mini (7-inch display) in 2011?

The iPad is over a month old now. So, it is, of course, time for rumors about an “iPad mini”:

Analyst : iPad Mini Coming in 2011 at a $400 Price Point

Although I’m getting great value from my iPad, I have said in the past and continue to believe that it is just a bit too big to carry. I would welcome the opportunity to have a 7-inch iPad mini to carry around (the article also mentions the possibility of an iPad with a 5-inch display).

There are two problems, however:

1. A 7-inch iPad might have a touchscreen keyboard that is too small to comfortably use
2. The $400 price point mentioned seems too high for a 2011 time frame unless the device includes a camera

I’m hoping to see a iPad refresh a bit sooner: Perhaps this September when the iPod line is traditionally refereshed.

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