iPad Missing Apps: Calc XT – a Calculator for the iPad?

The iPad is missing a couple of small but useful utilities when compared to the iPhone or iPod touch. I’m slowly evaluating a number of third-party apps to take their place. The free Bloomberg app is doing a reasonbly nice (but not great) job of replacing the Stock app. The sort-of-free Voice Memos app (99 cents to add the ability to email the recorded audio file) does a reasonable job of replacing Voice Recorder. I’ve been using the free 12c Lite calculator app designed for the iPhone as my iPad calculator. However, since it is not scaled for the iPad, I kept looking and stumbled upon:

Calc XT 1.0

during its two-day sale (free). It has returned to its 99 cent price. However, that is a reasonable price for an app you might use several times a week if not several times a day. It is a easy to use (and definitely easy to see with those huge buttons) basic function calculator with the added bonus of a doodle/notepad when viewed in landscape mode. I’m going to keep on searching but plan to use Calc XT until I find something better (if ever!).

There’s a lot of calculator apps for the iPad in the 99 cent price category. And, if you are like me you don’t want to spend $30 to $40 buying and trying them all before settling on one. There must be a better way to evaluate an important category like calculator apps for the iPad.