iPad Roundup: First looks, reviews and latest news

The iPad was released Saturday and as expected there have been a strong amount of blog posts dedicated to exploring every facet of the device. The posts below include initial reactions to the iPad, opinions on whether you should purchase one, and explanations of its uses to journalists and bloggers.

HOW TO: Get Started with the iPad (Mashable)

The iPad has landed and although you’ve likely been reading about it for weeks — if not months — now we can finally explore what Apple’s new device is capable of doing. Given that the device is new to all of us, we thought it appropriate to walk you through the steps to set up your iPad. We’ve also included some basic tips for getting the most out of your device.

We asked people outside the Apple store what the iPad meant for them. Some answers will surprise you. (The Next Web)

Can You Blog From an iPad? I Just Did (Mashable)

For content creators, there has been a strong amount of skepticism. Without the mouse and keyboard interface, how fast can you really type emails, photoshop pictures, and build code with just a touchscreen?

NYT readies a free iPad app for those who don’t want to pay; plus first looks at NPR, WSJ, AP, Bloomberg, and USA Today on iPad (Nieman Journalism Lab)

The New York Times may be preparing to charge a lot for its primary iPad app, but it looks like they’re also willing to provide a limited, free alternative: A New York Times “Editor’s Choice” iPad application that will feature a selected portion of the Times’ content.

Your Guide to Watching Videos on the iPad (Gizmodo)

The iPad is a solid video-playing machine. But you have a whole slew of choices when it comes to finding and watching videos on the new tablet. Which is right for you?

iPad Mags: Amazing or Confusing? (ReadWriteWeb)

One of the iPad’s biggest selling points is its potential as an e-Reader. The included iBooks application and the optional downloadable Amazon Kindle app, for example, provide hundreds of thousands of books to read, all in a relatively standard format: swipe horizontally to flip a page. iPad magazines, however, are trying to be far more creative.

The iPad as news curation tool (is it worth it?) (ShortFormBlog)

For a 1.0 prod­uct, this is pol­ished. But we’re jour­nal­ism nerds that read a lot of links, so let’s focus our appeal. How is read­ing and curat­ing news on this thing, any­way?

How Does your Website Look on an iPad? (Digital Inspiration)

If you are curious to know how your website design looks like on the 9.7″ screen of an Apple iPad, you can either borrow your friend’s iPad for some time, order one for yourself from eBay (if you don’t live in the US) or just read this.

Media Literacy 101: Fast iPad and Slow Journalism (Lessons learned from Gaming) (Huffington Post)

I used to live in Boston, and as anyone from Bahsten will tell you, the iPad is “wicked fast.” But what I’m increasingly thinking about is how great the tablet will be for “slow journalism.”

To see why journalists shouldn’t wait to develop for the iPad read this previous post. If you’re not sure whether to buy an iPad this flowchart should help.

Finally, check out this interactive map/visualization that displays recent tweets that include the words “My iPad.”