iPad Spare Power Adapter a Worthwhile Purchase for its "Extras"

One of the few complaints I had about the iPad after buying it was its A/C power adapter. Its plug blocks the second receptacle of many power strips. And, it has a short cord. You can see it pictured on the left in the photo above.

I received the Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter ($29) yesterday and was surprised (but happy) to see that it was not identical to what ships with the iPad. It is modular in a way similar to Apple’s MacBook adapters are. The folding two prong component can be removed and replaced with an additional (and thicker) 6-foot cord that ends in a 3-prong plug. This not only makes it easier to reach a power strip on the floor (or somewhere strange in a hotel room) but also unblocks a second receptacle on a power strip. You can see the adapter with the longer cord attached on the right side of the photo above. I’m very pleased that I ordered a spare iPad power adapter.

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