iPad VGA Connector Caveats

Todd has written about his experience with the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, where he saw that the ABC app did not play video out to the VGA connection, but video from the CBS.com site, which is in the Quicktime format, does display. A forum thread on the Ars Technica web site has a table listing a number of iPad applications, such as Movies and YouTube, that display via the VGA adapter, and other apps such as Netflix, ABC, and Pages that do not. Another important point, made by Engadget, is that the adapter also does not simply mirror the iPad’s display. According to the Engadget article, many users have posted complaints on Apple’s web site claiming they are preventing any app with DRM content from displaying via the VGA adapter, while Apple is saying that the app developers need to write their apps to display video via the adapter.

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