iPad VGA Connector Lets You See CBS.com But Not ABC Player App on External Display

The iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter ($29) I ordered arrived yesterday. So, I took it, my iPad, and a Viewsonic short-throw projector into the my firm’s office kitchen (where I seem to do a number of quick tests these days) to record the video you see embedded above.

I was surprised that the ABC Player for iPad app would not display any of its full length shows on the external display. I was also surprised that the CBS.com HTML5-enabled website show clips did display its video on the projector. This is because it throws the video to the iPads Quicktime player. This is the same app that shows video files saved to the iPad.

Other apps like Video, YouTube, and Keynote also worked with the VGA connector. And, of course, it worked fine when used with a conventional LCD display’s VGA input.

The connector does not, however, work with my iPhone 3G. I wonder if might after the iPhone gets a 3.2 firmware update someday?

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