iPad/iPhone 3G Speed Difference Illustrated Using Plants vs. Zombies Launch Times

Anyone who has played one of my favorite iPhone games, Plants vs. Zombies, knows that it takes a long time to start up on an iPhone or iPod touch. However, if you’ve bought Plants vs. Zombies HD for the iPad, you have a totally different perspective. PvZ starts lightning fast on the iPad.

While I acknowledge that the code for PvZ for the iPhone and PvZ HD for the iPad are not the same, I thought it would be interesting to watch the two PvZ versions start up side-by-side in a video.

PvZ for iPad is ready for game play about 10 seconds after it was launched on the iPad. However, PvZ was still far from completing its initial load on an iPhone 3G 40 seconds after it was started.

This difference is quite representative of the kind of speed difference I’ve noticed since firing up the iPad for the first time on April 3. Apps launch and are ready to be used very quickly. And, task switching is fast and painless.