iPads & Kindles May Soon Be Allowed During Take Off

While you may be used to powering down your iPad, eReader or phone while preparing for your flight to take off, that could all change soon. The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday that it is forming a government-industry group to study the use of personal electronic devices and determine  when these devices can be used safely during flight.

Here is more about the group: “The government–industry group, established through an Aviation Rulemaking Committee, will be formally established this fall and will meet for six months. It will include representatives from the mobile technology and aviation manufacturing industries, pilot and flight attendant groups, airlines, and passenger associations. “

Airlines have long forced passengers to power down electronic devices during take off and landing for safety reasons. The actual FAA rule requires aircraft operators to determine that radio frequency interference from these devices are not a flight safety risk before they authorize their use during the various stages of a flight. But if the group finds that the signals that these devices give off does not affect important communications between airplanes and air traffic control, then the regulations could be changed.