iPads to be Manufactured in Brazil Someday

One of the tech marvels of this era, in my opinion, is the stop-by-stop tracking made available by package transportation companies like FedEx and UPS. It lets people like me know exactly where an anxiously awaited package (usually a tech gadget) is enroute to me.

If you’ve ordered an Apple product using Apple’s online store, you’ve probably watched your shipment start out in China and makes its way up to Alaska and then down to the lower 48. However, at some point in the future, you may see your iPad start its trip from a different country according to 9to5Mac.

Brazilian Tech Minister: iPads will be made in Brazil

They report that Apple and Foxconn (which makes many of Apple’s products in China) will start manufacturing Apple products in Brazil. So be prepared to see iPad’s take a completely different route to get to you in the U.S. one of these days.

Note: Globe/Brazil map image courtesy of Wikipedia