iPhone App Pricing Experimentation Alive and Well in Video Surveillance Niche

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this item over on CNET…

IP Camera turns your iPhone into a security cam

…was, “I wonder how many of these kinds are there?” This particular $1.99 iPhone app takes 4 or 5 photos per minute and makes them available on its integrated web server. I ran a dumb search (dumb = not intended to find all web cam apps) in iTunes and came up with 23 results. The apps ranged from the free Eye See U-Lite (IP Video Camera) to the, get ready for this, $899.99 (this is not a typo) IRa Pro 2.0 that can manage and display multiple video surveillance feeds. This app provides potential buyers with the following cautionary statement: End users who purchase IRa Pro must have a working knowledge of network and digital camera system installation and configuration.

I sort of expected to find a selection of iPhone apps in this video surveillance app category. But, I was surprised to find the wide range of app prices. There are a number of apps in the usual iPhone price range of ree to $4.99. But, there are also apps priced at $24.99, $49.99, and $349.99 in addition to the extremely high-end IRa Pro app. It looks like iPhone app pricing experimentation is alive and well in this niche category.

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