iPhone Apps Got Their Bible

<img alt="cat.gif" src="/webnewser/files/original/cat.gif" width="180" height="236" class="alignright" vspace=3 hspace=5/Josh Clark is the application designer and developer who wrote the forthcoming O’Reilly title Tap Happy: Designing Great iPhone Apps. For the last ten years Clark’s been working as a design consultant out of France, but recently he took some time to sit down with some of the best app designers and discuss their processes. ‘Tap Happy’ is the result, and it’s meant for everyone from developers to the marketing types who likely need the education.

Clark is one of many doers attending SXSWi 2010. He explained that the book is meant to extol the importance of fluid design without sacrificing purpose.

He told WebNewser that because application design and development are often done by one person, his job was made easy. He spoke with designers of some of the best known iPhone apps, like Facebook in hopes of tapping into the logic behind these ubiquitous tools.

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