iPhone Apps, the Crowdsourcing Way

Xconomy chief correspondent Wade Roush covers the launch of Appswell, a start-up that essentially is trying to foster the creation of user-generated iPhone apps.

The premise is to reverse the flow of the apps-creation process, so instead of apps being originated by developers for consumers, the consumers determine what kind of apps they want developers to build.

Roush quotes Appswell founder Dan Sullivan:

“Rather than a bunch of developers putting 20 things on a whiteboard, we think we have a method of engaging thousands of people. For the consumer who has a great idea in his head but isn’t a developer and will never build it, we are narrowing the gap for getting that idea tested and vetted and turning it into reality.”

But wait, it gets even better — there’s money involved. iPhone users can both submit their ideas to Appswell or vote on other submissions. The most popular app idea each month wins $1,000 in cash and a piece of any sales.

If you do have an idea, now may be the time to strike. Roush writes that the “Appswell app is so new that users have submitted only a couple dozen ideas so far.”

Here’s a link to the ideas already submitted. My favorite: Morphing App, which (get this) allows someone to morph their face with another person’s. Oh, wait, it just morphs photos. Well, that’s cool too.