Top 5: What apps appeal more on iPhone than iPad?

Inside Network’s AppData is a system for tracking metrics across a broad range of apps. One of its simplest and most straightforward services charts app popularity on iPhone and iPad in a variety of flavors, ranging from top grossing to top paid losers.

On the iPad, the five most popular free apps are Candy Crush Saga, Dumb Ways to Die, Bird Zapper, What’s Behind HD, and Crazy Dentist. If these five were not enough to convince, a look at the ten free apps following them makes it crystal clear: on the iPad, games rule the roost.

On the iPhone, two apps from the iPad chart make the jump to its top five. They are Dumb Ways to Die, holding the top spot, and Candy Crush Saga, in third place. Between those two is Vine, with Hi Guess the Brand, and Emoji Pop holding up the rear. Of the ten following those, they are yet again all games, except for #6 and #15 – Snapchat, and Google Maps.

These results are not surprising. While playing games on an iPhone can be a lot of fun, its smaller screen, even on the most recent iPhone 5, does not have the appeal offered by the larger form factor of an iPad. If you are a business planning to release a game on iOS, the iPad is the way to go for preferred user experience.

Whether a consumer’s iPad is regular-size or a Mini, neither approaches the pocket portability of an iPhone. When people are on the move, they want to keep in contact and know where they are going. Of its Top 15 apps, one fifth are used for socializing: Vine, Emoji Pop, and Snapchat. This revelation is particularly useful to social app developers, showing that when it comes to social interaction, the iPhone is the best format to target.