iPhone, iPod Touch to Get a Taste of The Onion

Humor and satire site The Onion will bring some flavor to the iPhone and iPod Touch Friday, announcing the release of its first official app, sponsored by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.

The app will feature the latest content from The Onion (including news, sports, American Voices, Statshots, Infographics, and columns), the most popular items on the site, videos from Onion News Network, audio reports from Onion Radio News, a full Web archive, and the ability for users to save up to 25 items for permanent, offline access and share them via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

From the announcement by The Onion:

No longer must you rely on lesser news items cobbled together from various inferior non-Onion sources; feel free to delete all such apps now, as The Onion’s app will doubtless fulfill all your news-aggregation and infotainment needs.

Given the current less-than-optimal economic climate, in which one must pinch every single penny not already spent on a sleek Apple device, we have made the difficult decision to offer our app for free. To do so, we have partnered with another bold and irreverent brand, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, whose noble offer must be celebrated here for what it is: a selfless act of financial sacrifice committed to ensure that the integrity of journalism as we know it does not perish from the Earth.

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