What’s On Your iPod John Stanton?

We’re starting a new series here in the Fishbowl where we catch up with some of your favorite journos to find out what they listen to. The game is simple. Turn on your iPod, put it on shuffle, and tell us the First 5 songs that play. We’re going on the honor system, so if Taylor Swift song pops up, you HAVE to tell us. Ready to play?

Our first subject is a man whose musical tastes are well-known in D.C: Buzzfeed’s Washington Bureau Chief, John Stanton. Stanton’s twitter avi is the cover of the first album by Bad Brains, so you know we’ll get some interesting stuff from him.

Naturally Stanton delivered. Check out his shuffle.

1. 007 (Shanty Town) by Desmond Dekker. Just in time for the summer, Stanton busts out this reggae jam. Speaking from my own experience, you can put on a Desmond Dekker album at your summer party and everyone will like it.

2. I’ve Got a Woman by Ray Charles. A classic boogie from the R&B legend. Although, considering Stanton’s frequent mentions of hardcore, these are two pretty laid-back selections.

3. Zumbi by Soulfly. Soulfly is known for being a metal band, but this track is way more low-key. Think layered wind chimes.

4. Finnegan’s Wake by The Clancy Brothers. This is the Clancy Brothers’ take on an Irish ballad in which a drunkard falls off a ladder and breaks his skull. If you want to know the rest of the story, go download the song, because it’s great. SPOILER ALERT: The guy lives. Considering Stanton’s renowned love of Jameson, we imaging this tune is on heavy rotation.

5. Mr. Big Stuff by Heavy D and the Boyz. RIP Heavy D. That’s about all I can say about that.

So, there’s your peek into the iPod of Buzzfeed‘s John Stanton. Frankly, I expected more thrash and hardcore. Maybe we’re seeing a softer side of Stanton? Nah, I doubt it.

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