iPod nano Nike Plus 13th Achievement Earned After 812,846 Steps

Way back in September 2009, I noted:

My Favorite iPod nano (5th gen.) Feature: The Pedometer

I had started taking it during lunch hours and other times when I knew I would be walking around a bit more than usual. I had logged 13,924 steps in total at that time. Later I started carrying the iPod nano with its pedometer featured turned on all the time during week days and when running (really “walking”) errands on the weekend. The result? Nearly 800,000 steps later, I completed all 13 of the Nike Plus achievements.

Nike Plus’ incentive to keep using the iPod nano’s pedometer and their free step tracking service is to get all 13 achievements in fewer days during the next round. I’d be happier if they (or Apple) gave me a simple way to get all the raw data and let me play with it.

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