iPod touch/iPhone Camera With Flash Info From Vietnam

I guess it is official. If you want to know about unreleased Apple products, point your browser towards Vietnam.

iPod touch with 2 megapixel camera leaked in Vietnam (video) (Engadget)

So, what have we learned so far?

– iPod touch with 2 megapixel camera. However, this could be a 2009 prototype that didn’t make it to market

That’s it. The iPod touch definitely needs a feature bump to keep it interesting for potential buyers and return buyers. I’m still using a first generation iPod touch with no incentive to upgrade to the current generation model. If the iPod touch gains a camera, I hope it is able to take both digital photos and video. I was very disappointed when I learned that the 5th generation iPod nano could only record video last year.

9to5Mac.com adds a bit more information:

More iPhone 4 Goodies: iPod and iPad camera flash, 10.7, more

I’ve used camera flashes on other phones (practically every phone except for the iPhone has one). And, I have to say they have not been very useful. But, Apple has a knack for tweaking features to make them work better. So, perhaps an iPhone/iPod touch camera flash might work better than what we have on the market today.

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