Irish Magazine Takes Dead Aim at Trump

Cover art that clearly crosses the line

February issue of Village brands the U.S. President with a rifle-scope sight.
Headshot of Richard Horgan

‘Careful. Nobody wished death upon Trump. The opposite.’ That’s Village magazine, responding via Twitter to a reader castigating them for the February issue cover.

But of course, the cover, a blatant example of print-magazine clickbait, does in fact convey that impression. Even without the question mark after ‘Why Not,’ which in no way properly communicates the still-inflammatory idea of ‘Why [Killing Trump Is] Not [the Solution].’

The associated op-ed debates the idea of “taking Trump out” and, ascribing offensive legitimacy to such a premise, concludes this is not the answer:

Ladbrokes bookies have Trump at evens to leave office via impeachment or resignation before the end of his first term. Paddy Power has Trump to be impeached in his first term at 3/1, and 7/4 to not complete his first term in office.

He will fall on a metaphorical sword, he does not need one wielded by a third party. Shooting Trump is unnecessary and disproportionate.

Furthermore in the process of self-destruction he will generate an awareness of the dangers of allowing power to an intolerant narcissist so that institutions will be reformed, progressive policies enshrined and popular opinion inured against ever repeating the Trump mistake.

The article’s Problem-Calculus-Conclusion construction reads like a scholarly paper, but from the point of view of responsible journalism, the cover gets an “F.” The Village February issue arrives on the heels of a Der Spiegel cover illustration by Edel Rodriguez that has also generated blowback.

Cover image via: Village magazine

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.