Irony: Google Glass Developer Creates App That Maps Security Cameras

Google Glass developer, Sander Veenhof, has created, what some must see as a most ironic situational irony: an app for Google Glass wearers to see security cameras in their surroundings. The app culls open data about security cameras and maps the information into the user’s vision, using 3D projections.

As we’ve noted before, many non-Glass citizens sees Google Glass as a threat to their personal privacy. Glass is a tool that allows wearers to see and obtain information without having to use their phone. For most, this creates an uncomfortable disadvantage, not to mention a dangerous one, where Glass wearers are being attacked for their wares.

The app for Glass made by Veenhof, on the other hand, is called Watch Your Privacy. It’s an absurdly titled app considering the state of public resentment towards Glass wearers watching and potentially filming them, all without their consent.  While Google Glass users have done little to validate this fear, we’re not sure this tongue-in-cheek app helps to move the conversation in the right direction, given the vast amount of invisible data being collected by devices and the government.

Google Glass a privacy problem? It can also be the solution for those worried about with privacy: buy a Google Glass!

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