Is A 30-Second Ad Spot The Best “PR” For Tiger Woods Thus Far?

In a marketing world where we are often told the 30-second ad spot is a dinosaur, the vehicle may garner more awareness than any other PR efforts executed on behalf of Tiger Woods or his sponsors.

The advertisement posted above began making the rounds online last night. It was created by agency Wieden & Kennedy.

“It’s the best PR for him because it’s something that he’s not directly controlling. Every interview or press conference he’s held, it seems lie, that he’s been a puppet. This to me is the first thing that’s not really first person,” Matt Adam, Director of Broadcast and Video Production at entertainment and sports PR agency Taylor told PRNewser this morning.

The voice over in the ad is that of Woods’ deceased father Earl Woods.

The commenters over at AgencySpy are already voicing their opinions.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had an ad make me puke more than this one. Playing the dead father card and that stupid look on his face makes me want to go punch something,” said C.C. Chapman, partner and creative director at interactive agency Campfire.

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