Is Android on Track to Have 150M Devices Activated in 2011?

In its first quarter earnings call, Google reported that they now see 350,000 Android device activations per day. Even in the unlikely event that Android device activations remains flat through the rest of 2011, it is on track to see 127,750,000 device activations in 2011. Again, assuming an unlikely flat (no) growth, this translates to about 31.9 million units activated in a quarter.

By comparison, Apple’s last quarterly report (Q1 2011)noted 16.24 million iPhones and 7.33 million iPads. The iOS based iPod touch was not broken out of the overall iPod sales figures (19.45 million). Apple’s Q2 2011 quarterly report is due out tomorrow (Apr. 20).

If Android sees even modest quarter to quarter growth this year, we may see 150 million Android devices activated in 2011.

Google activating 350,000 Android devices per day (via

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