Is AT&T Wireless Begging for iPhone Users to Use MMS Photo Messaging?

When AT&T finally made MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) available for iPhone users last month, a lot of people took note and wrote about it (including me). Quite honestly, I really did not and still do not care about MMS for my iPhone. I have a lot of other ways to share photos from it without having to pay more money for MMS service.

But, I guessed that mine was and is a minority opinion. Surely, other iPhone users are clamoring for MMS. After all, didn’t AT&T say they had to re-engineer their data network just to make sure they could deal with the onslaught of data from MMS media files flying through the 3G air?

Well, I might have been wrong. Why would AT&T send a text message like the one in the screenshot above (that’s the one I received on Tuesday) providing the opportunity to get and use 10 free text or picture messages if the MMS take rate is super-high?

Was MMS for the iPhone received with complete disinterest from iPhone owners? That would not surprise me.

But, hey AT&T! I’m still waiting for 3G tethering service. You better hurry up! Verizon and Sprint’s MiFi looks like a good option on a faster 3G network.

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