Is Bravo Going Too Far?

Many were appalled by Bravo’s decision to move forward with this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after the suicide of Russell Armstrong. But, sadly, given the fact that reality TV has some experience with show-related deaths, it should be no surprise that the show went on its ghastly way and seems to be doing just fine.

So Bravo has decided to press its luck. While the network had edited episodes of the show after Armstrong’s death, is now reporting that it plans to air footage of Armstrong and his Real Housewife Taylor in marriage counseling sessions. This info is coming from an “insider” so we’ll have to see if this really happens, but it sounds like a creepy grotesque.

Add to that an appearance by another of Bravo’s reality celebs, the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, where she insulted gay people, Jews, and anyone else with ears and you start to get the feeling that Bravo might be racing a little too quickly to the bottom of the muck pile.

During an episode of the strangely-named show Watch What Happens Live, Stanger made offensive comments about gay people and their relationships, Jews, and smart women. Rightfully, this has caused anger. Even the show’s host (and Bravo exec) Andy Cohen didn’t seem too happy with the comments. You can watch footage on Gawker.

Many things happen today that quickly stir up outrage that just as quickly settles back to normalcy. And, of course, boundaries are always being pushed. But nevertheless, there are limits. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt dug deep and found them, for example.

It makes you wonder what exactly that point is. And is Bravo approaching it? For PR, when does a campaign or a client become too provocative? The comments section is open.

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