Is David Adjaye Ready for His Three Washington DC Projects?

Despite the recent news that his firm has suffered big financial trouble, this past year has also been fairly good to starchitect David Adjaye, particularly in the Washington DC area. First he received the commission to build two new libraries there, followed shortly thereafter by the news that he, in a collaborative capacity, had also landed the big gig to design the Smithsonian‘s new National Museum of African American History. Now, as Adjaye begins the process of working in DC, the Washington Post‘s Philip Kennicott has put together this great, lengthy profile on the starchitect. It’s about him as a person, with info about his background and all that standard fare, but there’s also some good stuff about what it’s like to be involved with one sizable commission (the libraries) and one that’s to be his largest job ever (the museum), all at the same time. It’s a great read to see what’s coming from Adjaye and all framed under the question “Is he ready for all of this?”