Is Dell’s 2010 Android Phone Launch Too Late?

I was more than a little excited to hear the rumor that Dell was jumping back into the mobile devices game a few months ago. As fan of the old Dell Axim X51v Windows Mobile Pocket PC, I looked forward to seeing what they could do with Android. The other part of the rumor was that Dell would focus solely on Android. However, according to this item, Dell’s founder says…

Michael Dell Says Phone Coming In 2010; May Use Platforms Beyond Android

The question is, though, what does Dell mean by the possibility of using other open platforms? What does he mean by open? Open as in Open Source like Google’s Android? Or open in the sense of a platform that can be licensed by anyone with applications developed by anyone? Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, for example, is an open platform in that sense although it is not Open Source.

Dell’s problem is that the apparent resurgence by Motorola with their Android based Cliq and Droid may throw a huge roadblock into late-comer Dell’s path. Dell’s 2010 launch date may be too late to play in the game unless they are able to develop something truly unique.

Dell’s comments about netbooks in the same article are a bit puzzling though. He says that netbook dissatisfaction sets in after 36 hours because the screen is too small. It makes you wonder what the many millions of people who have bought netbooks since its explosion onto the scene in the summer of 2008 think. Personally, I agree that I prefer to work on a large screen (actually I prefer two large screens) when available. However, when I am on the go, I never want to carry anything larger than a netbook with a 10-inch display. Even Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro is too large for me.