Is Obama YouTube’s New King Of Comedy?

Whether or not you approve of Obama’s politics, it’s hard not to admit that the President is a pretty hilarious guy. On Saturday night, President Obama gave a speech, which was actually more of a stand up routine, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The speech was uploaded to YouTube by The White House and already has over 433,000 views.

When the video was first uploaded there were a lot of rumors being spread, saying that Obama had said “The F-Word” in his speech. This faux pas overshadowed the rest of the video, as viewers watched only the first few seconds to hear the President’s alleged curse. However, it turns out that Obama is actually saying “freaking”, so now we can all relax and focus on how funny the rest of the speech is.

Obama pokes fun at John McCain, Sarah Palin and even himself in his speech. He jokes about healthcare reform and Arizona immigration law, and makes fun of FOX, MSNBC and CNN. He tells the Jonas Brothers not to get any ideas about his daughters, laughs about his own decline in approval ratings, and even gives a shout to Snookie from Jersey Shore.

Obama’s humor is great because it hits home not only for politicians, but for the average Joe as well. Everyone can find something to laugh at in this video. What did you think of Obama’s stand up routine? Do you think his video will make it to the top of YouTube’s comedy charts?

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