Is Parnes CLICKING her Way to the White House?

Question of the hour: Is Amie Parnes moving on from ClICK? Well, her byline isn’t on that part of the site and today she has the lede Politico story on President Obama‘s birthday.

Rumor has it she’s doing more of a White House-leaning beat for now.

God knows FLOTUS will be happy.

A poetic excerpt from today’s story includes our new favorite turn of phrase of the day: “autumnal notes.”

The autumnal notes in Obama’s stump speech suggest that an older-but-wiser motif is going to be an important part of his public persona this year, as he presents himself as a sensible protector of progressive values in his confrontations with congressional Republicans, and next year, as he asks voters to trust him with another four years in office.

Stay tuned…We’ve requested comments from both Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris and Parnes.

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