Is Politico’s John Harris Comfortable Sitting Like a Pretzel?

Who knew John Harris was an amateur contortionist?

Every few days, some of the more high-profile reporters (“star reporters” as they refer to each other) at Politico produce a video of themselves sitting at a roundtable giving on-camera analysis of the day’s news.

They’re fairly boring, given that they’re essentially recaps of what’s already been written on Politico‘s website, which you have to wade through to get to the videos. But the one posted Wednesday night offered a rare glimpse of Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris in his natural habitat.

The latest video features politics reporters Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush along with Deputy Managing Editor Rachel Smolkin and Managing Editor Craig Gordon. Just behind Haberman and Thursh is Harris casually sitting in his office. And by casually, we mean that at one point, he positions himself in a knot that would make any Eagle Scout proud.

How could sitting like an octopus possibly be comfortable?

Its not meant to be comfortable,” Harris told FishbowlDC. “It is part of a stretching/energy channeling regimen recommended by our ergonomics consultant. [It] combines elements of traditional yoga with more modern biodynamic techniques.” Sounds painful refreshing!

But he didn’t stop with the pretzel pose. Throughout the video Harris can be seen yawning, rubbing his face and slouching to a point that he appears to be melting.

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