Is Repetition The Next Big Thing In Viral Video?

The last week has revealed a new trend in viral videos – repetition. Over the last few days, two new videos have been on the rise on YouTube – ‘We’ve Got Company‘ and ‘Hey Guys!!!‘ The videos present totally different content matter, but have one thing in common – they are montages made up of people repeating the same phrases over and over. It’s a simple idea that has gone massively viral, with each video breaking 100,000 views in only a few days time.

‘We’ve Got Company’ is a montage that was put together by the web comedy radio show The Guy Bauer Half Hour. The video cuts together clips from various movies from throughout history in which the characters are saying, “We’ve got company!” The question is asked so many times that it loses all meaning by the end of the clip.

‘Hey Guys!!!’ was uploaded to YouTube a few days after ‘We’ve Got Company’. This video cuts together clips of the beauty gurus of YouTube saying the phrase “Hey Guys!” which is apparently a popular way for beauty vloggers to start out their shows. This clip is insanely annoying and by the end the repetition makes the phrase “Hey Guys” sound like it’s in another language entirely. But despite the annoying nature of this clip it has already racked up over 100,000 views in four days.

Why do people love these videos so much? It could be that viewers like the way repetition makes the words sound, the anticipation of seeing which clip will turn up next, or the excitement of trying to figure out where each clip originated. In any case, repetition seems to be a new and highly viral trend n the world of web video. What do you think is the appeal of repetitive montages such as these? Do you think repetition is the next big thing in viral video?

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