Is the HTC Droid Incredible the New Android Wonder Phone?

If you are interested in the HTC Incredible Android phone available from Verizon Wireless, head over to the Boy Genius Review (BRG) to read:

HTC Droid Incredible for Verizon Wireless review

I initially thought the HTC Incredible was a follow-up to the Nexus One. However, while that may be true from the platform point of view, it is not the case regarding physical appearance. While the Nexus One’s back is as sleek and smooth as its front, the Incredible’s back is hard and clunkly looking with three separate relief levels.

And, while the Nexus One is a pure Google beast (it is only available through Google itself), the Incredible has HTC’s custom graphical interface thrown on top of Android OS 2.1.

BGR says “the HTC Droid Incredible is our favorite Android device to date”. Am I ready to trade in my 6 month old Droid for a Droid Incredible when it becomes available on April 29? Honestly, I would consider it if I could get it anywhere near the $199 price available to new customers. I just tried to login to check what the price is for an existing customer like myself with a relatively new phone (probably full price) but was greeted with “My Verizon is temporarily unavailable”.

Verizon HTC Droid Incredible product page

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