Is the Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker Pre-Spoiler Alert Genius PR or Annoying Marketing?

Best jedi mind trick ever?

Halloween is over.

The pumpkins have molded. The candy has been digested. And your love handles are back. However, while the world focuses on another jolly fat man, there is still one harrowing, spooky cloud hovering overhead.

Where in the Force is Luke Skywalker?! 

You may remember a couple of weeks back this big ballyhoo over the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ taking over Monday Night Football. The long-awaited full-length trailer hit the small screen and the official movie poster hit man cave walls faster than cosplay at a Comic-Con.

The poster had everything a dork living in his mama’s basement could want, with one exception — the hero was missing:

SW-AWAKENS  Since then, every forum listed on has presumed a “pre-spoiler alert” — Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren (aka. the bad guy with the crucifix light saber).

Solely as a sage PR veteran, digital expert, and possible Star Wars cognoscente, there is a responsibility to point the PR genius in this mystery.

Currently, the only thing discussed more than J.J. Abrams putting the band back together is that Luke is still missing, even though his voice was the main attraction in a trailer.

Sure, moviemaking masterminds would tell you a ‘tragic hero’ (see Greek theater) is a jackpot for box office sales and water cooler talk.

Luke was a troubled kid, what with his aunt and uncle being killed, his father leaving him for a life on the road, talking to ghosts of old guys and puppets, and becoming quite temperamental in his hipster years — it’s easy to assume why the dude has issues.

Set 15 years later, there’s a mystery guy who:

darth-vaders-head1. Wears a mask that makes him sound like he needs a throat lozenge.

2. Has some keen insight to making his own lightsabers.

3. Really enjoys the long, flowing robe

4. And carries around the non-functional and heavily charred Darth Vader head.

Is the bad guy Luke Skywalker? No one will know until December, but one thing is certain, the headlines this mystery provides is assuredly PR 101. No Jedi mind trick needed.


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