Is the Rumored BlackBerry Tablet a Silly One? Not IMHO

Here’s something I didn’t expect to read from BGR:

Exclusive BlackBerry tablet information

Here’s something more interesting: According to BGR, RIM’s tablet will be sold as a companion device that depends to some extent on the capabilities of a BlackBerry phone. Those of you who remember Palm’s Foleo may be rolling your eyes upward wondering what is going on. Foleo was a clamshell device that looked like a netbook (and preceded the netbook wave) that had some onboard intelligence but depended on Palm Treo phone or WiFi for connectivity. Palm killed the project before the first unit was ever sold.

However, I was part of a minority opinion (perhaps the only opinion) back then that this was, in fact, a good idea. Celio came up with a similar idea with an even less intelligent companion device named Redfly that is still available today. Unlike Palm’s Foleo, the Redfly has no onboard functions. It is totally dependent on a Windows Mobile phone. It displays Windows Mobile apps on its larger display and provides a physical keyboard. I could never get it to work reliably for myself. But, several friends are big fans of it. Even more interesting is that it recently (sometime over the past year or so) became compatible with the BlackBerry. So, it can perform some of the functions of the rumored BlackBerry tablet but without a touchscreen and with a physical keyboard.

And, I don’t think anyone would argue that the WiFi-only iPad would make a great iPhone companion if AT&T would allow tethering in the U.S.

So, is this BlackBerry tablet idea a silly one? Not in my opinion.