Islands, Zoos and Medieval Times Reach This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Gainers by DAU

Despite appearing at the top of this week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook games by daily active users, Treasure Isle appears to be losing its grip, with “only” 389,914 new DAU.

But don’t be deceived because the new Zynga game is still picking up over a million monthly active users each day.

The decline likely has to do with some portion of the earlier users not coming back every day at this point, which is something we see in most big and fast-growing social games. Its DAU growth appears to be trailing off because its DAU numbers are finally separating from MAU, giving a more realistic picture of how many DAU the game really has.

Family Feud is the clear leader of the rest of the list, because Restaurant City, Birthday Cards and Mafia Wars are actually all caught in long-term declines; Feud is still fresh to the scene and growing strongly. Here’s the AppData top 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Treasure Isle 7,295,707 +389,914 +5.65
2. Family Feud 889,933 +174,533 +24.40
3. Restaurant City 3,397,295 +172,627 +5.35
4. Birthday Cards 1,845,499 +146,103 +8.60
5. Mafia Wars 6,069,181 +117,575 +1.98
6. Zoo Paradise 954,585 +93,410 +10.85
7. Sorority Life 846,428 +71,784 +9.27
8. Kingdoms of Camelot 440,623 +65,269 +17.39
9. Sunshine Ranch 559,333 +52,518 +10.36
10. Mall World 339,563 +34,294 +11.23
11. Wild Ones 472,501 +33,291 +7.58
12. My Tribe 106,994 +31,622 +41.95
13. Tiki Resort 1,109,528 +28,842 +2.67
14. Garden Life 219,062 +27,867 +14.58
15. Goobox – Juegos gratis 81,590 +23,887 +41.40
16. TinierMe 37,105 +22,706 +157.69
17. SCRABBLE 245,603 +22,222 +9.95
18. Bola 295,594 +21,373 +7.79
19. TransForce – Robot strategy browser game of 2010 23,924 +21,240 +791.36
20. Birdland 60,898 +19,181 +45.98

Zoo Paradise and Kingdoms of Camelot, by CrowdStar and Watercooler respectively, are both showing good long-term growth, and each is approaching a significant milestone: a million DAU for the zoo-keeping game, and half a million for the medieval strategy game. They’ll undoubtedly cross those marks over the coming week, making them two of the most significant games in their respective categories.

Mall World, a girly shopping game, shows no signs of slackening its growth; its placement would be higher, if not for the same correction in DAU that Treasure Isle is seeing. Wild Ones is posting less impressive gains for a game of its size, but it’s interesting to note that the Playdom take on Worms is winning the race tortoise-style — its growth has been steady since its December launch, and users are still leaving comments on our review.

We won’t talk over all of the remaining games of note, but here are a few to watch: My Tribe, an island civilization game; Tiki Resort, another by Playdom that is consistently in the top 20; and TinierMe and Bola, both of which show signs of heading higher in coming weeks.

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