‘It Has Haunted Me’ Says Frank Gehry About His Appearance on The Simpsons

Just this weekend, this writer and his wife were talking about something or another and she brought up that episode of The Simpsons where architect Frank Gehry crumples up a letter, tosses it on the ground, and upon seeing it, gets the inspiration for his next building. Turns out, not only was that funny scene on our minds this weekend but CNN‘s Fahreed Zakaria as well. The host had on Gehry and asked him about his process (or in his words: “…the strangeness comes from where?”), which inevitably led to the architect’s appearance on The Simpsons. Turns out, that scene has followed him around more that perhaps he’d like. Here’s from the transcript:

ZAKARIA: So this – the famous story that you took a piece of paper and crumpled it and looked at it and that was the Disney Hall in L.A.

GEHRY: But that’s a famous story because the Simpsons had me do that.

ZAKARIA: But in fact, it was a long, long –

GEHRY: No, no, no, no. That was just a fun – fun thing. But it has – it has haunted me. People do – who’ve seen “The Simpson’s” believe it.

A hat tip to the Observer for the link.