It Took a While, But UNIX/Linux Looks Like the Future of Mobile Computing: iPhone, Android, webOS, Maemo

I was going to comment on this interesting mobile platform comparison article…

Comparing Freedom on Maemo and Android

…but switched gears after noting that both Maemo and Android are based on Linux. This means that four important mobile platforms are Linux or UNIX based: Maemo, Android, webOS, and iPhone OS. Of the three other important OSes, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian S60, only BlackBerry seems to be keeping up with the pack sales-wise (Nokia still sells the most phones but looks to be in a decline).

UNIX/Linux fans will probably never seen their favorite platform dominate the desktop. But, with the iPhone steadily gaining market share and Android apparently ready to be in a breakout mode, it looks like UNIX/Linux may be the future of mobile computing for years to come.

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