IT/Outsourcing Pub Seeks Pitches

Global Delivery Report, a new and (very) niche pub focused on the IT and outsourcing business — specifically in Guadalajara, Mexico — is seeking pitches, if you happen to have any. Continue reading before jumping to conclusions.

According to the release, Guadalajara is a growing force in the outsourcing world with companies like IBM, Dell, and Tata opening operations there. The publication will focus on local issues as well as broader outsourcing topics like managing risk and keeping down costs. Former ComputerWorld tech editor Robert L. Scheier is Global Delivery‘s editor.

There’s more.

Scheier says the publication is interested in “on the ground” local stories; both business and lifestyle pitches are welcome. (He says the stories we hear about the dangers in Mexico are not an issue in Guadalajara.)

And, they’d like to see pitches that tackle issues in outsourcing: finding talent and doing business around the world, best practices, quality control, and guest columns from customers and well as consultants.

Global Delivery Report can be found here and @GlobalDeliver. Pitches can be sent to

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