It’s High Time You Got To Know John Buffalo Mailer

Big Think is on a roll this week. Yesterday, we featured their interview with The New Yorker‘s David Remnick about the future of print and how blogs are, eh, whatever, not his cup of tea. Today they’re featuring an interview with John Buffalo Mailer, who happens to have the distinction of being both Norman Mailer’s son (then again, chances are most of you probably are, too) and the former editor of High Times magazine, which was unfortunately overlooked for an ASME nom yet again.

Mailer discusses, among other things, the low times at High Times (sorry), including this heartbreaking anecdote:

And, you know, I’m a nicer guy than I should be in a lot of instances, but I couldn’t look at that, you know, 55 year-old advertising director with the long ratty gray hair who would forget his teeth oftentimes coming in and, like, you know, I said, “Who are you?” And he’s like, “Oh, I’m your ad man.” I thought, “Oh, we’re fucked.” And I couldn’t look at that guy and know that if I fired him he was going to lost custody of his kid and probably wouldn’t be able to get another job anywhere else because he had been there for so long. That’s not something I wanted on my conscience, not something that I felt like doing and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice that for the greater good of the magazine.

Oh John. You’re so kind, bud.

Mailer also mentions that Oliver Stone and Anderson Cooper are carrying on his father’s legacy, as well as some pointers on writing he picked up from his famous father. For more with John Buffalo Mailer, click here.

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