It’s Not Too Late to Watch This So-Not-Sexy Christmas Prank

Guy behind Wrecking Ball Chatroulette does Mariah

The holidays are nearly over. And you're probably sick of Christmas music. But depending upon your taste, you may want to check out this Chatroulette/Mariah Carey parody of her song All I Want for Christmas Is You. 

The clip features YouTube comic Steve Kardynal, who scored a huge hit with his "hot" homage to Miley Cyrus' infamous Wrecking Ball video. This time around, Kardynal surprises Chatroulette viewers by popping out of presents lipsynching Mariah in Christmasy lingerie. It's already at 10 million views, putting it atop last week's VideoWatch/VidIQ rankings.

In second place was a compilation of funny news bloopers, which garnered an also strong 9 million views. Check out the full ranking here:

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